Neela Eyunni, Narrator/Writer/Producer/Executive Producer
Neela Eyunni is the founder of Roja Earth Productions, a production company dedicated to creating documentary films with a message about conservation. This award-winning journalist has extensive media experience, having worked in print, online and broadcast journalism for the past 12 years. Neela possesses an in-depth knowledge of Asia. She has produced television shows in the region and anchored the flagship program “Asia Today” on China Central Television for the past three years. Neela says her true calling is producing films that promote wildlife awareness. She is a PADI-certified diver and avid photographer.

Vincent Soberano, Director
Vincent Soberano studied film and television in San Diego, California, where he first started working for Stu Segall Productions in 1991. He later moved to Los Angeles and worked in a variety of film projects until eventually transitioning to the IT industry. Vincent now works on various film projects, both behind and in front of the camera. He is the writer, producer and director of the TV pilot “Blood Hunters” and is underway with directing a new feature film project, “The Hive.” His recent stints also include roles in Jacky Chan’s “Police Story: Lockdown (2013)” and as a coach in the UFC’s reality TV show, “The Ultimate Fighter: China” which aired in 2013 and 2014.

Ginggay Hontiveros, Producer/Production Manager
Ginggay Hontiveros is the owner and co-producer of The Extra Mile Tri-Media Productions, which focuses on producing significant documentaries (pre to post). She produced and hosted the travel series “Islands Insider” which aired on the National Geographic Channel (Philippines) in 2012. Among the other titles produced by The Extra Mile are the RTR documentary film “Fields of Hope,” travel roadshow materials for the Philippines’ Department of Tourism, feature documentaries on Tawi Tawi Philippines and Jacob Maentz’s Katutubong Pinoy.

Gabriel Malvar, Producer/Associate Director
Gabby Malvar is a co-producer of The Extra Mile Tri-Media Productions and has directed several documentaries such as “Islands Insider” which was aired on the National Geographic Channel (Philippines) in 2012, and recently, the RTR film “Fields of Hope.” He has also produced and directed documentaries on Tawi-Tawi, Philippines and many others.

Takeyuki Onishi, Director of Photography
Take Onishi is a Japanese cinematographer living in the Philippines. Born and raised in Japan, Take went abroad to study cinematography in 2000. His recent films include the independent film, “Blanka” (2015) and “A Life in a Day” (2012). He is also the director of photography for several travel documentaries produced by The Extra Mile Productions that aired on the National Geographic Channel.

Studio H20, Underwater Photography

The Studio H2O underwater photography team consists of dive professionals Jan Acosta, Boogs Rosales and Robert Suntay. The Studio H2O team provides underwater and aerial photography and videography services for tourism campaigns, commercial shoots, and environmental projects.

Sound Engineer

Alain Pardo

Production Manager

Ginggay Hontiveros

Production Assistants

Charley Sta. Maria

Joseph Castillo

Joey Bognot


Neela Eyunni


Troy Bernardo

Pabelle Manikan

Chino Neri


Kit de Silva


Mikko Quizon  

Post Production  
Creative Portal Ronald De Asis

Sound Design  
Ronald De Asis  

On the Brink: Uncharted Waters 

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Neela Eyunni


Vincent Soberano
Associate Director

Gabriel Malvar

Neela Eyunni

Ginggay Hontiveros

Gabriel Malvar

Executive Producer

Neela Eyunni

Director of Photography

Takeyuki Onishi

Second Unit Photography  
Jed Regala

Underwater Photography  
Robert Suntay
Jan Acosta
Boogs Rosales
Jayvee Fernandez

Aerial Photography  
Boogs Rosales

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Selected film credits

Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines

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Local Government Units, Mayors and Tourism Offices of Oslob, Cebu and Donsol, Sorsogon
Marine Wildlife Watch, Philippines
Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources,

Philippines Department of Tourism
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On The Brink : Uncharted Waters